Rod, I think you're absolutely right with regard to reframing this particular subject, and reframing in general. The long-term and unintended consequences of solving problems through a specific lens (as an infectious disease expert, for example) fails to address other societal issues such as the increased potential for suicides, permanent job loss, alcoholism and abuse, politicization, and so much more. The true cost of the pandemic won't be known in real terms for many years, decades even, in large part because, as you suggest, the decision making bodies failed to look at the issue through different lenses. A more collective approach to solving the Covid problem would certainly have addressed the broader societal implications of its decision making.

Two of the most powerful benefits of a well-designed business ecosystem are extracting value and the (rapid) adoption of new ideas.

(L) New ideas are delivered from the ecosystem collective to the Master and (R) New ideas from the Master are propagated through the ecosystem by its agents and eventually scale outside the ecosystem. Images are copyright Salt Flats, 2019.

If you missed my presentation on business ecosystems last week, you can view it here. While many of us have been hearing more about ecosystems, it’s likely you’re learning…

Grains of Salt are easily digestible nuggets of information that interests us here at Salt Flats. Meeting some co-workers after work? Here’s something to talk about….

Ever find yourself waiting ‘just a bit longer’ because you’ve already put in time? Let’s say the bus is 10 minutes late: you’ve already waited 15 minutes, so what’s another few minutes?

Sunk cost fallacy.

Waiting another 10 minutes is only justification for the time you’ve already spent. …

Right now, someone else is re-imagining your business. And that’s precisely why you should be re-imagining it yourself.

Someone is out to disrupt your business literally as I write. They’ve identified a problem and they’ve set out to solve for it. They’re improving your customer experience, building a more useful product, and creating more enjoyable ways to experience your service. The clock is ticking and you can’t keep…

Justin Jarvinen

Dad, husband, award-winning serial entrepreneur and acclaimed innovation practitioner, wannabe chef and music lover

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